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5:52 am Sunday

It's always fun to be up and staring at server stats early in the morning. We are ironing out some bugs.

This time last year I was returning from my first trip to New York. I parked a rental car at a parking garage and I left it for three consecutive days. When I returned the garage attendant burst out laughing and asked me if I had seen the "No Overnight Parking Allowed" signs. He walked off and left me standing there. After about a minute or so, he drove up with the car and smiled and said "Have a nice day" and charged me for sixteen hours. I drove off and ended up in Queens at a small, 1950's style gas station asking directions on how to get to Connecticut. An older man gave me simple (and accurate) directions as I was filling the gas tank -- and with a big smile on his face, he jumped back in his early 70's Cadillac and drove off.

Flixya gives me that same feeling. Feels good to be going somewhere new.

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