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Flixya Launches Ucash and HM Labs - January 2008

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Flixya has grown to over 30,000 members (all by word of mouth) and we want to say thank you!

New Services from the Flixya Team

We've been very busy with the launch of three new services and more on the way.

HM Labs (hmlabs.net) short for Hybrid Media Labs, is the official name for the services that we are adding to a growing network of sites.

Ucash.in - Turn Links into Cash™

The first is Ucash.in, which has three important aspects: social bookmarking, a url service that converts long url links into shorter url links, and a service that turns your existing links and new links into cash! Great for bloggers, forum users, webmasters, business users and more. Ucash.in makes it easy and simple to get paid for posting and sharing links. Sign up now!
Features:We encourage every Flixya member to sign up as a supplemental method of increasing your Flixya revenue.

Filebam - Free File Hosing

The second is: FileBam.com - a free, file hosting service that allows you to upload files to share with family and friends. Familiar with Rapidshare? We think you'll like our service even more. Give it a test drive. No registration is required or register for additional storage and features! With FileBam, you can upload any file format up to 50MB (100MB for free accounts and 2GB for premium accounts), and we provide you a link to download and share your file. Sign up!

Imagebam - Fast, Free Image Hosting

The third is ImageBam.com - is free image hosting site with galleries for forums, blogs, ebay, craigslist, myspace, etc.Features: Need a quick and easy way to do screen captures and upload? Check out the FireFox extension that makes it quick and easy to capture, upload and send! Install the Screen Grab Upload Firefox Extension. A great tool to increase your productivity.

We have more in the works and hope you find the latest tools useful. Take a look and enjoy the new services. We think you'll find the new services easy to use, friendly and a great addition to the HM Labs network. Sign up!

Important Tip: Promoting these tools and Flixya.com, increases traffic and will have a postive impact on your earnings! Be sure to promote to everyone you know, including friends and family. An increase in traffic and membership benefits everyone. :) Why wait? Invite Friends Now!

Flixya Photo and Video Flash Widget
The Flixya Widget has been added to the Tools page to help you distribute your content across multiple sites. The widget is a work in progress, so please let us know if you find any bugs. Log in to your Flixya account to create a custom widget!

Flixya Widget Screenshot:
Flixya Widget

Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic on Flixya (submitted by Videobam)
1. Add quality content!

2. Share your content with friends and family!

3. Always add accurate titles (Not repetitive)

4. Always add a description!

5. Always add tags and relevant keywords!

Flixya Publisher Firefox Extension
We're working on a new version of the Flixya Publisher Firefox Extension, so keep an eye out on the Tools page. Right now, we are aware of the problem with YouTube videos, since they made a recent change to their site. We'll have a fix soon, so hang in there, it will be back soon!

Scheduled Improvements in February

We will be releasing recent fixes over the next few weeks, starting in February. Please remember, if you ever run into problems, have suggestions or comments, feel free to send us an email or for support questions, please visit the support forums.

Thanks again for being a member of the Flixya community. Party like a Rock$tar! ;)

The Flixya Team

Flixya.com - Share Videos, Photos, Blogs and Make Money!

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At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

San Francisco-based Flixya have launched their new video-sharing offering today. Flixya is a social networking community that promotes member ownership by offering members 100% ad revenue via Google Adsense.
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At 4:15 AM, Blogger ミルキー said...

What happened to FlixYa? I wasn't able to access it for the past 3 days =/ And no-one else can either.


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