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Flixya Partners with HubTV to Deliver a Broadband Action Sports TV Video Portal

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2006 -- The popular action sports and music television program HubTV (www.hubtv.net) has partnered with Flixya (www.flixya.com) to offer a broadband action sports video portal for user generated content. After negotiations with several online video companies offering video upload, Flixya chose Videoegg, which in recent months, has surfaced as the industry standard for video uploading and encoding. Videoegg powers Aol Uncut, the UK equivalent to Myspace, Bebo.com and the popular Current.tv. The software also enables video upload via a PC, Mac, web cam, camcorder and mobile phone.

Building Relationships
Earlier this month, Flixya launched its beta site which features the monetization of videos. Flixya utilizes Google Adsense and an in-house ad publishing system as well as the unique concept of sharing videos from over 200 video web sites. Flixya has been expanding and rapidly building relationships with content producers, indie music labels and independent film makers -- to enable existing web sites the opportunity for online video distribution. "With the growing number of video web sites, we believe it's important to develop niche video communities and connect with content producers," stated Flixya co-founder Ivan Wong. "The presense of larger video sharing websites such as YouTube provide a dictionary of videos but offer little incentive for users who want their content viewed by a defined and targeted community."

Share Everything
Built on a customized version of Drupal, both co-founders of Flixya, agree that releasing the video platform back to the open source community and remaining competitive is challenging, but not impossible. "All revenue collected for the month of August is being donated to charity," explained co-founder Adam Oliver. "We embrace the opportunity to give back to the community. This is our commitment to contributing to worthwhile causes."

True to the motto share everything, Flixya is working on releasing an open source video platform.

About Flixya:
Flixya.com is an Online Video Community with Rewards, http://www.flixya.com

About HubTV:
HubTV.net is a Broadband Action Sports Video Portal, http://www.hubtv.net
Hub TV Networks is an Action Sports, Music and Lifestyle Television Program, http://www.hubtvnetworks.net

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Aol Uncut
Current TV


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