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New Features

If you're reading this -- you may have noticed a few changes. We're slowing rolling out new features and over the next few days, hope to iron out any bugs.

We intended to roll out the majority of features some time ago -- however our programmer and friend Guna has been recovering from being ill, which resulted in some delays. The good news is, Guna is doing well and we were able to make some progress.

Over the next few weeks, we'll announce key partnerships and we hope to roll out more tools as we continue to make improvements to our service.

An article in sfate.com sums up the current video sphere: "...the relationship between YouTube and the entertainment companies is so complex. Many in the technology industry believe the two sides, despite the rocky relationship, need each other."

That makes a very clear point: Content may be King but a dynamic distribution network and the ability to deliver media to an audience for mass consumption is the winning formula. Symbiotic relationships can exist in the online video world.

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