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Release Date Set for Flixya V2

We made a lot of progress this past week and we hope to continue on track
to deliver the latest version of Flixya. We are in the final stages of development
and will be migrating the development site to the live server.

We've set out to offer a platform that changes the way people think about social networking. With the success of Myspace, Facebook and other social network sites, one element was missing from the formula. The truth is that these sites generate an increasingly large sum of money for the companies that have built the products.

Our approach is to offer similar features for our members and in addition, enable the users of our site to monetize their content.

We haven't re-invented the wheel and we know that to reach that amount of traffic and visibility is not something that happens over night.

The first version of Flixya was a prototype and a strong proof of concept. After looking at how the space has evolved and talking to our members and other video sharing communities, we felt that we could make significant improvements.

With additional features including photos and blogs, the new platform pays members 100% ad revenue.

We are excited to have the tools to enable our members to do more -- beyond video sharing.

In short, Flixya V2 is a social network that puts money in your pocket.

A private beta preview will be available in the next day or two and if you have signed up, keep an eye on your email for more information.

Sign up for the private beta here

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