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Flixya Launches Google AdSense Powered Social Network Where Members Keep All Revenue

Flixya.com launches social media networking site that gives all the money to its online community to promote member ownership.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 1, 2007 -- Flixya, (www.flixya.com) a social media network, announced that they are pursuing new strategies for the monetization of social media in the release of Flixya 2.0. This new release, fully integrated with Google AdSenseā„¢, seamlessly allows content producers to make money with their content contributions.

Flixya.com - A Social Networking Platform that Pays Members 100% Ad Revenue

Our belief is that the true value of social networking is the community, and we continue to strive to promote member ownership with our platform
Built with the Google AdSense API, Flixya displays Google contextual ads which are integrated around member-submitted content and provide an improved end user experience. By offering similar elements of popular social networking sites and combining a monetization method for content producers in one solution, Flixya.com enables any individual who qualifies for Google AdSense a rapid and powerful method to publish and monetize their online content and keep all the revenue.

Finding an effective method to reward the content producers and the community of social networks is an important step in the advancement of social media.

"Social networking is quickly becoming an important outlet for sharing new and interesting content online," said Kim Malone, Google's director of online sales and operations. "We are pleased that Flixya's incorporation of Google AdSense will enable its community to earn revenue from the relevant ads on their web pages and help advertisers reach the social networking market."

Flixya continues to make strides in building strategic business relationships to reshape the traditional social networking business model.

"Our belief is that the true value of social networking is the community, and we continue to strive to promote member ownership with our platform," said Adam Oliver, CEO and Flixya co-founder. "Working with Google provides an effective and relevant method of monetizing member content. By rewarding the community of contributing members at 100%, we feel Flixya represents the second generation of social networking and raises the bar by setting the standard for the future of online social responsibility."

Best of Breed Feature Set in Flixya.com 2.0
-- Integrated and seamless content distribution beyond the Flixya domain.
-- Media distribution tools for posting to popular social bookmarking and social networking sites.
-- Make Money via Google Adsense
-- Popular videos may be voted on and using an up/down voting system.
-- Personal profile allows for sharing personal interests, friends, share videos, photos and blog posts.
-- Media enabled blogging software that allows for customization of HTML and the ability to add video, photo and Google search results.
-- Unlimited image hosting for inserting images into Craigslist or online classified listings.

In addition to the latest release of the Flixya platform, new features to be released include: an adaptive ad optimization algorithm, a mobile application suite, media storage widget, private groups, geotagging, and Facebook API integration.

"Flixya features and functionality have matured to the level where the end user experience for our members is an integral part of the equation," said Ivan Wong, Flixya 2.0 co-founder and chief operating officer. "Our focus is to continue to offer innovative tools for our members to consume, distribute, and monetize digital media."

About Flixya:
Founded in July 2006 by co-founders Ivan Wong, USC graduate student and Adam Oliver, former director of Stubhub, Inc., Flixya, is a social networking platform where members keep all revenue generated through Google AdSense for sharing videos, photos, and blogs. Flixya is a privately owned company based in San Francisco with a satellite office in Los Angeles. For more information, visit http://www.flixya.com

Ken Schwartz
pr @ flixya.com


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Website Magazine Lists Flixya as Top 50 Video Sharing Site

Link to story: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/articles/2705.aspx

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Flixya's Biggest Fans!

A quick thank you and shout out to Jacob, Pieter and Daniel, our biggest fans, who sent these photos sporting their brand new Flixya t-shirts!

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Flixya mentioned in MIT Technology Review

We want to thank Andrew Shrock for the great article written about Revver that mentions Flixya in the MIT Technology Review.


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Flixya Tours Shake-A-Leg Miami, South Florida's "Gateway to Biscayne Bay".

We just returned from a business trip and along the way, we met a group of remarkable people. While we were in South Florida, we were generously given a tour of Shake A Leg Miami, a great organization (from their website) "that helps children and adults with physical, developmental and economic challenges; liberating them from the realm of imagination into the realm of experience." We also enjoyed the boat ride on the bay as well, where we stopped and saw Eco Island.

We met Harry Horgan, CEO and Co-founder who was paralyzed as a young man, and is now helping disabled kids feel the freedom of the sea. Recently featured in People Magazine "Heroes Among Us". An active sailor, Harry Horgan 49, paralyzed from the chest down weeks after graduating from college in 1980, wanted to help others feel good about themselves.

Today, through his nonprofit Shake-A-Leg Miami, Horgan and the 24 person staff and additional 250 volunteers teach over 3,000 physically and mentally disabled kids and adults each year. The programs are free for special-needs and low-income participants and range from sailing and kayaking (on handicapped-accessible vessels) to marine science classes.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Harry, photographer and author, Susie J. Horgan and their son Eli, Ashley Sullivan, Director of Education and Vocation, Jared Bistrong, Multimedia Manager, Meredith Bass, Director of Water Sports, Betsy Cox who oversees Grants and Development, Tracy Towle, Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications and all the great kids who were attending the last day of summer camp!

We should have some photos soon, but please check out this great organization. We were honored to have such a great experience and meet people with such dedication.

Everyday, the Shake A Leg organization empowers and improves the lives of literally thousands of people.

Visit the Shake A Leg Miami website to read more about this amazing group of people that we hope to help raise awareness and offer any help or assistance to them in any way.

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