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New Site FAQ

Just a quick note about the new site. We will be sending out a newsletter to all our members to answer questions and offer more information regarding any changes to the Flixya site.

Also, the firefox publisher extension for posting videos is being reformatted and currently does not work. The new embed method no longer requires you to upload a thumbnail and is very quick. Of course it's not as fast as the publisher tool and we are working on fixing that.

We are adding questions with answers to our Help Center (Click on Help at the top.) and if you have a question -- feel free to use the help center as the information is then made available for all members.

One other item -- the popular blogs section is displaying the most recent blogs and not the most popular blogs. This is temporary.

Questions regarding the point system and any technical issues are being handled on a case by case basis and we will have an update for everyone who has contacted us by the end of business day.

Feel free to send questions or comments to contact@flixya.com. Thanks again for your patience while we work out the bugs.

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