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Want a Free Apple Iphone?

Thanks for being a part of Flixya Video Sharing. We have recently experienced some downtime during our database and site improvements and appreciate the continued support.

Our user base has grown considerably over the past month and we wanted to express our many thanks. So far we have given away numerous prizes (Apple Ipod Nanos seem to be the most popular so far) and plan to make some revisions to the rewards program. The number one request? An Apple Iphone! Which will make it on the list of new rewards.

Not familiar with our rewards program? Click here to take a look.

In terms of revenue share, many users have been earning upwards of $300-500 a month and we sincerely appreciate their efforts to spread the word about Flixya as well as aggregate and share some of the latest and greatest videos online.

Another cool happening is the recent Google Pagerank -- Flixya.com is ranked at PR6 =)

Anyway, we sincerely appreciate everyone who has been a part of Flixya.


Flixya Team

PS. Just a heads up the video view counts have been cached to reduce overhead, so most of the figures are currently inaccurate. However, this will not affect your Google Adsense impressions.

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