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Five Minute Tweaks to Your Google Adsense Account for Higher Payout

Tip 1: Increase your CTR (Click Thru Rate) by removing "Advertise on this Site"
Get rid of the “advertise on this site” text links next to your Google ads. This was automatically added by Google a few months ago. You can remove “advertise on this site” very easily in your adsense admin section. Just log in to your adsense account, click “my account” and look towards the bottom of the page. You’ll see a section called “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up”. Just click edit and opt out of displaying it. By removing the extra “advertise on this site” text link you might just increase your CTR or click through ratio increasing the money you earn.

Tip 2: Generate a Competitive Ad Filter to Increase Revenue

Goto: http://www.adsblacklist.com/ to generate your competitive Ad list to filter out any unwanted advertisers or use this attached list here.

Quote from Ads Black List:
If you’re webmaster running AdSense on your own website, you’ve probably seen google ads like “We have found 4 best products for …”, or “Best resources on net for …”. Well in most cases, these advertisers pay you only between $0.01 to $0.03 per click, depending on your site PR (Page Rank), traffic and page views.

Filtering these kind of ads is simply not good enough. We have to eliminate their existance by providing high quality list of these sites which can be freely and easily used and applied by any AdSense Publisher acessing this web site, all for the good of internet’s quality and your higher revenue of course!

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