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Flixya.com: A Philanthropic Video Sharing Website Backed by Great Management

From the Pulse2.com blog by Amit Chowdhry http://www.pulse2.com/?s=flixya

I was recently contacted by Adam Oliver, a founder of Flixya.com and this opened up my eyes to the world of his online video sharing website. The differentiation factor between Flixya.com and YouTube.com seems to be that Flixya offers reward incentives and ad revenue sharing to its users. This is the first time I’ve heard of this concept and I think it is an amazing idea. Ultimately it is the users that are coming up with the original material and/or taking the time to upload them so this automatically answers the question that a user may ask: “What is in it for us if I join Flixya?”

There are two ways to benefit from Flixya’s ideas. The first is Revenue Sharing. To participate, you must have a Google AdSense account and be registered with Flixya. It is simple to set this up as well. Here’s a [link] to the simple steps it takes to setup a Revenue Sharing account with Flixya. Another requirement is that your videos must also be uploaded on Revver.com, Youtube.com, Video.Google.com, or any other video sharing websites where Flixya can embed the videos. The money made by the Google Ads on the page which are displaying your videos are shared between you and Flixya at 50-50. Where else can you find an Ad Sharing program that offers that much? I have not yet heard of any others.

The second way to benefit from Flixya.com is by its Rewards Program. Geeks like me would drool over something like this. For every comment post that you write, you earn 3 points. For every video you share, you earn 10 points. And for every user you refer, you earn 15 points. Here’s a [link] to some of the prizes that you can earn with certain points. I’m going for the XBox 360!!

If you’re not sold on using Flixya.com yet, maybe you should glance at their Charity Program. Users can also choose an option to share the money they earn from the Revenue Sharing program with charities of their choice including the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, and World Vision. It is programs like these that make the world a better place. In the news you hear about Bill Gates stepping down from his daily activities with Microsoft to concentrate on his charity foundation and Warren Buffett giving away his wealth to charity and now I look at the Flixya.com founders’ philanthropic efforts as no different than the #1 and #2 most richest men in the world.

I have also done a little bit of reading on Flixya’s blog and it appears that founders Ivan Wong and Adam Oliver are making solid partnerships to keep the business growing. On top of that, they are truly standing by their Charity Program initiative. Adam Oliver stated “All revenue collected for the month of August is being donated to charity. We embrace the opportunity to give back to the community. This is our commitment to contributing to worthwhile causes.”

Flixya.com was founded in July 2006 and their Beta service was started in August 2006. Within one month, Flixya services were featured on CNET Japan, many domestic based tech blogs, Digg.com, and were labeled “YouTube With a Heart - Newcomer to Online Video Flixya.com Offers a 50% Revenue Share For Members or Charitable Causes” by PRWeb. Keep up the great work Adam and Ivan, your entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit won’t be overlooked by the VCs.

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