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Create Up to Date Viral Videos, Leverage the News

When ANY big news even breaks...people will be searching for those videos. So keep your eyes open on the latest new events happening and create videos based on them. Its really as simple as that. Flixya offers an easy to use webcam publisher so you could easily create a video blog on that subject or create your own from scratch.

You can use free software from http://www.camstudio.org/ or http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp to create videos from still images, just add pics and audio. compile it to an .avi or .wmv and upload it to video.google.com and youtube.com Making sure you choose the Title of your video correctly.

Use a title that you know people will be looking for. If your not entirely sure, you can upload it twice or three times choosing different titles each time you submit it.

note: name your video file the same as the title for best results. e.g awesoem-video-title.avi

When submitting your videos to YT and VG make sure not to forget to put your Flixya referral link in there, so the traffic from VG and YT will bring you new referrals and make you more money from advertising, and also remember to submit the video back onto Flixya =P

Take care and feel free to contact me if you need any help.


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